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“Mourners” Featured Dancer JAMAL DANCE ART THEATER,
Independent Ballroom Performances Featured Dancer, Choreographer
“Snow” Dancer LA UNBOUND,
Elizabeth Tramontozzi, Julie Sanders
“Arabian” Dancer LA UNBOUND,
Jackie Oliva
“Spanish,” “FOREST,” “Sirenas” Dancer LA UNBOUND,
Tommy Evan Lee
“Waltz of the Flowers,” “Charlie Brown Christmas” Dancer LA UNBOUND,
Christopher DeMartino
“Cafe-Salsa,” “Bachata” Dancer LA’S BEST DANCERS,
Armen Antonyan
“The Prince and the Goose Girl,” “The Fairey Queen,” “The Legend of Rag Rock,” “Stoyan and Radka,” “Roses from the South” Lead Dancer OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE FOLK AND HISTORIC DANCE TROUPE,
Elizabeth Barber


Jimmie Defore Dance Center Scholarship Program Recipient Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap
OC Dance Camp Scholarship Recipient Ballroom – American Rhythm/Smooth
Ballroom – International Latin/Standard
California Ballroom Teachers Academy Certificate of Completion Ballroom – American Rhythm
Independent Training Ballroom – Riccardo Cocchi, Mark Weiss, Corky Ballas, Kristina Rhianoff, Yegor Novikov, Roberto Cavallo
Occidental College European Folk and Period Dance
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