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Interview with Malashock Dance – RAW comes to Los Angeles

October 31, 2012

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled. 

Malashock Dance is making the journey up from San Diego on November 9 and 10 to treat Los Angeles audiences to their incredible dancing.  The RAW series promises to break barriers and bring uncensored dancing, combining the unique talents of John Malashock, Michael Mizerany and Regina Klenjoski.  As I am a big fan of all three, I’m looking forward to the show and hope to see you there!

Uneasy Surrender – Malashock Dance – All Rights Reserved

How has Malashock Dance continued to evolve and grow?

In the past, Malashock Dance has been a one choreographer company.  With the advent of Malashock/RAW, other artistic voices have been invited into the choreographic mix.  This year the featured choreographers are John Malashock, Michael Mizerany and Regina Klenjoski.

Please tell us about the inspiration for the RAW3 series and about the pieces and themes in your show.

Malashock/RAW is an annual modern dance series, which is part of Malashock Dance’s annual performance schedule. Each new installment of the series features gritty, audacious, cutting-edge dance. The choreography is fierce and fearless, exhibiting a bold athleticism and stark sensuality.

The collaborative production combines the talents of three professional contemporary choreographers who contribute an original dance work, which tackles current controversial, sociocultural issues such as censorship, bullying, gender, LGBTQ themes, and interpersonal relationships.

Malashock / RAW is staged in-studio, providing audiences an intimacy with the provocative themes and offering the choreographers “a safe place to do unsafe work.” Each choreographer is encouraged to make experimental choices that foster unfettered artistic expression and audience discussion.

John Malashock’s new work, UNEASY SURRENDER, is a wrestling match between the unruly mind and a universe that refuses to act the way we want it to.

Michael Mizerany will present his own personal story in the dance work, BULLY.  Violent, brazen and candid, BULLY examines not only the act of bullying but how it plays into our interpersonal relationships.

In SPLINTER, Regina Klenjoski looks at the cause and effect of the breaking of trust.

Please tell us about the inclusion of Regina Klenjoski’s work SPLINTER.

Actually, SPLINTER, will be a Los Angeles premiere.  We brought her in for two weeks to choreography the piece on the MD dancers.  We first became interested in Regina when she taught at our Four Sundays in February Master Class Series.  We also saw her work in Celebrate Dance.  We admired her piece and though it would be the perfect contrast to John and Michaels’ dances.

What do you hope to evoke in your audience with RAW3?

Malashock/RAW is visually stunning and viscerally potent.  Each piece is very different and will evoke a myriad of responses and reactions.  Malashock/RAW will inspire and challenge.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to see for Malashock Dance in the future?

In the future, we would love for Malashock Dance to tour a little more.  We love that we can share our art with Los Angeles once again.

Any words of advice or inspiration for other dancers and choreographers?

Find a choreographer that you admire and work with them.  Learn from their successes and mistakes.  Then, find your own voice and approach your work with honesty and conviction.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit:

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