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The dance of life – a tribute to my grandparents

October 30, 2012

Yesterday my family and I said our goodbyes to my grandmother, who was laid to rest with my grandfather after a brief, but serious illness. These times often remind us of just how precious this life is, to live every day to its fullest and tell the people in our lives how much they mean to us. But this story is more than just a reflection on a time of transition and grief. My grandparents met nearly 70 years ago in a swing dance hall in a small town in South Dakota. As the story would have it, my grandfather arrived on base and went to the local town Saturday dance, quickly eyeing the best dancer on the floor and asked her to dance. That beautiful auburn-haired girl accepted and four months later they were married in the turbulence of World War 2.

Although I never had the joy of actually seeing my grandparents dance together in their more advanced age, stories of their beautiful and talented dancing from their younger years are  legend in my family. It seems they are the source of my dancing genes; genes that skipped a generation and many in my family, and came in concentrated form to me. For that I am ever-grateful, as dancing is quite literally in my blood. My grandparents weathered good times and bad together, raised five children and were fortunate to live late into their years. When I think about all they were and saw in that time, I smile when I think that it all began with a dance. Today would have been their 69th anniversary. Although they are no longer here with us, I’d like to think they are now dancing together among the stars.

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