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Interview with Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre

July 31, 2012

Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre
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When and why was the company started?
The new Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre was named after my father’s originally ballet company Pacific Ballet Theatre. It was recently started under the new name because director/choreographer Natasha Middleton wanted to expand her new work using a variety of styles with talented dancers throughout California.

What’s the underlying philosophy and purpose of Pacific Ballet Dance Company?
We are storytellers, entertainers and educators! We use narration in several shows to take our audiences on a fantastic journey. Taking ballet with contemporary to bring a bigger picture to the stage.

Has this changed since the company was first founded?
We have always been storytellers but now we are more than just ballet, but still follow closely in the tradition of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo (the famous international ballet company my father Andrei Tremaine was in) and how they told stories through dance with elaborate sets and costumes by such artists as Monet and Dahli and new composer back then Stravinsky. We are working with new costume designer Elizabeth Nankin for Dance in the USA and are listening to works given to us by new composers for future projects.

What is your favorite piece of choreography to date?
Within the past 10 years of our working as a company, to this date my ballet “Carmen” is still my favorite with the excitement and passion in both the music and the dancing. I like to my dancers to be challenged in many aspects. Technique, acting and style…this ballet along with several others calls for that.

Briefly tell us about the pieces in your upcoming show.
“Dance in the USA” goes back 100 years and each piece takes us through the decade and how much we Americans have told the story of the last 100 years through our music alone. We will start in the Rodeo days and moving through with the Charleston, Swing, 60’s on into the Millennium with remembrance to such artists as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. The 1929 crash played a huge point in our countries history and with former cirque du soliel dancer, Allan McCormick dancing my deep heart felt piece “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” is my way of reminding us all in this bad economic times we are in that “we can get back on our feet”!

What do you hope to evoke in your audience at “Dance in the USA?”
Pure enjoyment! To remember singing and dancing one time to the songs we all loved and to remind them we as Americans, especially the “wounded warriors” we will be inviting that USA is still the best country and we have so much to be proud of and how our music throughout the decades has changed the world! It was our music that inspired the Beatles and the Rolling Stones!

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to see for Pacific Ballet Dance Company in the future?
Touring and more new dancers joining us!

Any words of advice or inspiration for other dancers?
Keep perfecting your craft. Know your weaknesses and fix them. It’s those weaknesses that are usually what is asked for at an audition. Class, class and more class! If you have something to say, then “say it” when you dance! Dance for them!

The questions were answered by Natasha Middleton, Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre Founder and Artistic Director.  The company will be performing “Dance in the USA” at the Ford Theater on August 17.  For tickets, visit:

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