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Dances Made to Order – A new way to experience dance

July 25, 2012

Kingsley Irons, founder of Dances Made to Order, had a different vision of how to bring dance to the masses while supporting local artists.  Forget television shows, YouTube or crowd-funding.  She has created a one-of-kind website designed to connect dance companies eager for audiences and audiences eager to experience dance.   The premise is simple and brilliant.  Members pay for either a monthly or annual pass to gain access to a monthly “show” of short dance films.  In turn, dance companies are paid a share of the revenues.  Here’s the twist – each month has a theme that members vote on.  The top three themes become the inspiration points to which the dance companies must produce a short film in the following weeks, incorporating all three themes.  And each month focuses on dance companies in a different city.  The result is a fun, easy way to access innovative dance while giving the audience direct influence on the pieces they see.   In turn, the dance companies get compensated and exposure to a national (and likely international) audience.

So what inspired this site?  Ms. Irons love of dance and frustration of living in the LA area where drives are notoriously prohibitive for attending shows of any distance (even within the metropolitan area). Instead she decided to bring the dance to her, rather than the other way around.   As an added bonus, she gets to watch small dance companies from around the country without having travel.

This month I checked out the site myself and I must admit I love the world of dance that it opens up.  Not only could I cast my vote for future films, but I had the freedom to watch short dance films at my leisure and with upcoming scheduled films to look forward to.  I loved being able to watch choreographers and dance companies I had never heard of and from around the country where I may never get the chance to travel to. I loved that should I ever go to those cities, I have a dance company to look up and connect with.  I loved the innovative use of film as a medium, on a much smaller scale than say Dance Camera West and other dance film festivals.  I loved that dance companies were getting exposure to audiences that actually appreciated and enjoyed dance.

In short, Dances Made to Order comes highly recommended if you enjoy dance and want access to and the opportunity to support small dance companies and choreographers around the country.   I hope to see this platform grow in the coming years and to see how Ms. Irons will continue to build a community of dancers and dance aficionados through her site.


On July 25 the Minneapolis edition films make their debut and voting for the Philadelphia edition begins!

The Philadelphia edition is presented in partnership with Philadelphia Dance Projects and curated by d. Sabela Grimes.  Featuring: Niki Cousineau, Gabrielle Revlock and Raphael Xavier.  Select the three themes you like best. A ticket is required to view the full films.

Tickets are 20% off until August 2. Use the discount code:PHIL12

Check it out at:

**Note, I am not affiliated with nor receive any revenue from sales made through this site.**

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