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Beauty in the world

June 12, 2012

At the start of each class I like to start with a short warm up to an uplifting and inspiring song. In addition to the basic benefits of warming up the muscles, I find it helps people shift mentally from their daytime worries and work to being present to dance class.  Although I have several songs in my collection, one of my favorites is “Beauty in the World” by Macy Gray.

I’ll admit I’m not a huge Macy Gray fan in general, but this song makes me smile every time I hear it.  I figure that if I bring a smile to their faces and make their day better, even if my students take away nothing else from my classes, I have fulfilled my purpose in dancing, which is to bring people joy.  It’s a small thing, but nevertheless something very important.

That song title inspired a thought I had recently from a dance show I attended. A gentleman sitting near me spotted my press kit and trusty pen and asked if I was a dance critic.  I told him I was a dance blogger who did a lot of reviews in the LA area and passed along my business card.  I found out later in the show he was actually a sponsor of one of the pieces and had brought along an associate who had never attended a dance show before – someone he was hoping to inspire to donate to the arts.  It was a brief encounter and both appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed the performances.  As I drove home that evening I was struck by the following thought – really, anything we can do to increase beauty in the world is a good thing. Whether we have the financial resources to donate funds, are artists ourselves, or inspire and support others, there can never be too much beauty.

Beauty comes in so many forms – the arts in their many manifestations, the majesty of nature, a smile, children playing, friendship. We are surrounded by it, but often forget to look and see it; to let it fill us and inspire us. We must remember too that each of us is capable of creating and supporting beauty. So whether you are a dancer or not, this is your reminder to find beauty, create beauty, inspire beauty, experience beauty.

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