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“Hidden Agendas” – Malashock Dance – In Review

May 25, 2012

“Hidden Agendas” was a triumphant nod to the force that is Malashock Dance.  While I have had the pleasure of seeing single pieces performed in the LA area, this was my first journey to San Diego to see a full evening presentation.  What a treat!  The evening had performances by 2 solo artists, Lydia Zimmer and Laura Dasi, in addition to the Malashock company featuring works by both Michael Mizerany and John Malashock.

Lydia Zimmer is an improvisation artist and rising star in the LA dance community and it was breathtaking to see her work up close and personal.  Although she easily commands a full stage, watching her weave movement together brings the experience to new heights and is well worth the effort to seek out.  I’m glad to see she is reaching new audiences on stages throughout California.

Laura Dasi is an aerialist artist who brings the art of tissu to new heights.  Unlike many artists with just a series of impressive poses, she truly brings a dance element to entire piece of music. One can feel the emotions evoked, following in bated breath where she will take you next as she intertwines with the fabric.  She is definitely an artist I would like to see more of in the future.

“Let Me Into Your Skin” – Malashock Dance – All Rights Reserved

The Malashock Dance Company presented four pieces.

“Bump in the Road” was a self-stylized “self-indulgent” piece which I would wholly agree with. Expertly danced by Nicholas Strasberg, the choreography takes a light-hearted, if somewhat narcissistic approach, to the subject matter.  It was definitely designed for adult audiences and based on the  laughter, hit its mark in relating to the male experience.  I was particularly impressed with the breathing techniques and control required of this piece.

“Let Me Into Your Skin” was in my opinion the highlight of the evening.   A commissioned piece, it exposed the insecurities of young love in a beautiful and breathtaking dance.   It’s hard to describe the impact of this piece.  It’s a very human experience and masterfully crafted with two dancers weaving a tale we can all relate to.  This is the pinnacle of dance, to recreate such a fundamental experience that it cuts through words and leaves you to remember the lingering memories of your own life.

“Tethered” was a classic duo by Malashock Dance.  Using innovative lifts, subtle humor and strength, it speaks to the complexities of relationships.  All in all a strong performance and one that exemplifies the story-telling of the choreographer.

“In the Dark” premiered at the show and by far was the most abstract piece presented.  I found it harder to follow compared to the overt stereotypes and story-telling of the earlier pieces.  I think perhaps the stage was too small and I would love to see what this looks like in a larger setting.

If you are lucky enough to live in the San Diego area, please be sure to check out their future performances, as Malashock Dance represents one of the top dance companies in the area.  And if you don’t, it is worth the drive to experience them first hand.  Kudos to Malashock Dance for a solid evening of entertainment and striking dancing.   You can learn more about them at:

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