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Celebrate Dance 2012 in review

March 13, 2012

Pre-show with Jamie Nichols

Celebrate Dance 2012 held up to its reputation as one of the leading concert dance events of Los Angeles.  Nine companies brought their best and once again Jamie Nichols must be credited with giving these amazing dancers and choreographers time on the big stage to truly shine.  Much as last year, I had a fantastic time at the pre-show reception meeting new people and catching up with friends in the dance community. All in all the show continues to exceed itself and provide with a unique and breathtaking evening of dance to the delight of its Southern Californian audience.

On to the performances…

D-Minor, La Diego Dance Theater

Starting the evening off strong with a contemporary piece, La Diego Dance performed a well-composed work set beautifully to Vivaldi.  What I truly loved was the quality of the arm movements: intricate, flowing and seamless.   The unexpected use of the bare backstage wall as a dance element was a gutsy move and I applaud them for thinking outside the box and using the contrast of the dancers against the inky blackness to good effect.

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One-Two-Many, Regina Klenjoski Dance

A wry, witty commentary on the consumer society we live in, One-Two-Many hit its mark and garnered strong audience reactions.  The audience’s laughter I think represented both the comedy of the piece and perhaps the unease of knowing we too often fall prey to the folly of consumerism. The piece had Klenjoski’s strong athletic style accentuated with beautifully composed lines.   Her innovative partnering sets her movement apart and provides an intense feast for the eyes.

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"Bouncy" Hysterica Dance - Photograph (c) Tim Agler

Bouncy, Hysterica Dance Company

Manic energy, like a massive overdose of caffeine, would be an appropriate summary of Bouncy.  An impressive large cast with many male dancers, the piece embodied its name with full enthusiasm using strong athleticism, partnering and filling the stage with non-stop movement.  I found the music somewhat too abstract for my taste, but otherwise enjoyed the rush of adrenaline I felt after watching this flurried spectacle.

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Silver and Gold, Malashock Dance

An emotive and provoking duo, Silver and Gold weaved and intricate story of two lovers told through beautiful partnering.  Highly relatable, as evidenced by the audience’s responses, the piece portrayed humor, delicacy and the changing subtleties of love over time.

Read the pre-show interview

Vista, Monat Dance

Vista is a beautiful homage to the roots of classical dance.  Strong dancers, clean lines and poise dominated the feeling of this piece.  Her unusual use of sliding movements on pointe shoes highlighted the amazing talents of her dancers as well as Sophie Monat’s creativity.

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"Give Me Wings" Invertigo Dance - Photograph (c) Tim Agler

Give Me Wings, Invertigo Dance Theater

An inventive, humorous piece, Give Me Wings was a delightful twist in story-telling that lay members of the audience easily connected with while artfully playing with the experiences of dancers on and off stage.  I loved how it gave a voyeuristic glimpse to the highs and lows of the dancers’ lives while performing through an ingenious use of staging.  The dancer’s themselves gave life to the whimsical movement, using high leaps, anxious energy and artistry.

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Desperate Love, Malashock Dance

An all-male trio took fierce choreography and touched on the sadness and difficulties we face in our search for love.   There is something about the intensity of male dancers that is amplified without women on the stage, and this athletic and bounding choreography made the most of that masculine element.  Overall, a powerful and touching piece.

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The Dancing Man, a fairy tale, RhetOracle Dance Company

An imaginative tale with great storytelling that artfully intertwined humor and the macabre.  The Dancing Man took the audience on a journey of highs and lows.  I loved the juxtaposition of using traditional Irish music as a setting to the contemporary choreography.  While the audience seemed somewhat shocked at the twisted ending, I thought it held true to the Grimm inspiration and praise Nate Hodges for his boldness and integrity.

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Memoriae, Lydia Zimmer

Lydia Zimmer is a newcomer to the Los Angeles dance scene, and is sure to steal hearts and captivate audiences with her breathtaking artistry.  A one-woman tour de force, she commands attention and fills the stage with her presence alone.   She has an exquisite sense of control, stillness and movement balanced perfectly that leaves you amazed.

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"nana" L.A. Contemporary Dance - Photograph (c) Tim Agler

nana, L.A. Contemporary Dance Company

A visually stunning piece, it told stories inspired by the choreographer’s “nana.”  While I loved the spectacular beauty of the cards flying in the air and floating around the dancers and enjoyed the quality of the inherent movements, I found it somewhat difficult to follow the narrative.  It certainly left me to question the life the piece’s inspiration had lived.  Overall, a piece of dynamic and full choreography that ended on an engaging note.

Read the pre-show interview

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