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Regina Klenjoski Dance Company – Celebrate Dance 2012 Interview

March 1, 2012

Regina Klenjoski Dance Company

Photos by Rose Eichenbaum, "Emoticons" Regina Klenjoski Dance Company

Tell us briefly about your dance company and its underlying philosophy.

Since 1999, the Regina Klenjoski Dance Company has been captivating audiences with the inventive choreography, fierce athleticism and poetic storytelling that has made them a staple in the Los Angeles dance scene. Under the artistic direction of Regina Klenjoski, the company of six dancers along with an impressive roster of collaborating artists, continue to create and perform diverse, social, abstract and emotion-driven contemporary dance theater.  RKDC is based in Long Beach, CA and rehearses at Alva’s Dance in San Pedro.  The company has been an artist-in-residence partner with the City of Torrance since 2001.  There, they offer over 50 weekly classes in youth and adult dance and fitness classes to the community, mentor two youth performance groups, and through 2008, produced the yearly SOLA Contemporary Dance Festival, a project that paired exceptional high school dancers with local contemporary dance choreographers.

What piece will you be performing at Celebrate Dance 2012?

“One-Two-Many” is RKDC’s newest work set to premiere at Celebrate Dance 2012.  Choreographed by Regina Klenjoski, it features an original score by one of RKDC’s long time collaborators, composer Mark Fitchett.  The artistic team also includes costume designer, Denise Lichter, RKDC’s resident costume designer since 2002.  “One-Two-Many” is a fast paced, hyperkinetic trio that begs the question “Are you a buying what they’re selling?”  The dance reflects the choreographer’s ongoing thematic exploration of media’s seductive influences and America’s cultural compulsion towards over-consumption.
What do you hope to evoke in the audience with your piece?

For “One-Two-Many” and with any of my works, I wish for the audience to be entertained, inspired, emotionally moved or philosophically intrigued.  If the choroegraphy and all its supporting elements are crafted with thoughtful intent then my hope is that there is an access point for everyone to take at least one morsel of delight home with them 🙂

How did you hear about Celebrate Dance and become involved with the show?

Celebrate Dance has a long history in LA and I’ve known Jamie for a long time.  Jamie is a champion of local dance in Southern California and has seen RKDC in action many times.  She invited us to perform in Celebrate Dance 2011 where we premiered “Emoticons” and asked us back again this year.  Thank you Jamie!! We love being among such a wonderful collection of dance artists.
Any words of advice or inspiration for other dancers and choreographers?

Be authentic.  Be generous.  Be adventurous and above all curious.  Believe in longevity and perseverance.  Experience other art forms and let them inspire you.  Don’t kid yourself – dance is a grueling profession.  Be prepared for the hard work and always be learning.

For more information and tickets, visit Celebrate Dance 2012.


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