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Lydia Zimmer – Celebrate Dance 2012 Interview

February 11, 2012

Lydia Zimmer

Lydia Zimmer

Tell us briefly about your performance style and its underlying philosophy.

As dancers we must trust in our personalities throughout the creative process as to not be discouraged and defeated by areas of the unknown. It can be very challenging and demanding on the self to experience this. I strongly believe in the presence of improvisation as a foundation to completing movement thoughtfully and originally, on and off the stage. What I try to accomplish with my movement vocabulary is an ever-changing vocabulary true to my heart and body. I believe the possibilities of movement are infinite, and as a young solo artist I go willingly into any process knowing that my whole life will be spent in experimentation.

What piece will you be performing at Celebrate Dance 2012?

I will be performing a solo titled Memoriae for Celebrate Dance.

What do you hope to evoke in the audience with your piece?

I gave Jamie Nichols a quote that is helpful in describing my state of self as I dance this piece, “Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer then recollects, longer than knowing even wonders,” by William Faulkner. This piece is interested in the transience of memory. Illusions and complications that emerge out of remembering details of the past is a very human experience. Our memories are biased and we color them appropriately with how we are presently, and our memories fade over time – what is left is warm or cold. So with Memoriae I created a structured series of tasks, driven by improvisation, and experimented with how the mind and body reaches a level of memorization. I then continued onto where the movement memory shifts to another dynamic imprint. As a dancer I experience many sensations associated with particular memorized movement feelings, much like taste and smell triggers memory recall. As an audience member I can only hope that one would relate to these unspoken feelings of memory types through the visual, and would openly take the journey with me through Memoriae.

How did you hear about Celebrate Dance and become involved with the show?

Jamie Nichols saw a solo in one of my very first shows at Live Arts LA in November and showed tremendous support for me. I only moved to Los Angeles in September from the east coast, where I recently graduated from the Boston Conservatory, and was honored that someone with such presence in the concert dance world here be interested in my work. I was just recently invited to be involved in Celebrate Dance and I am thrilled to be working alongside LA’s top dance companies.

Any words of advice or inspiration for other dancers and choreographers?

I am too young to be giving advice, hah! All I can say is never let anyone try to convince you of being unable to create. Keep experimenting, stay passionate and expand your dreams!

For more information and tickets, visit Celebrate Dance 2012.


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