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Back in the running…or dance blogging that is

August 17, 2011

After too many weeks away from my blogging home, my schedule has finally let up and allowed me some time to return to my love. Actually, it is my love of dancing that has kept me away. The scholarship program I have been involved with got even busier for the summer term and I have been dancing night and day to the tune of 20 classes a week and 7 days a week for awhile. It was certainly not my intention or hope to stay away from blogging, but the reality of dancing that many hours a week plus my consulting life outside the dance floor meant not enough time and energy. It’s a trade-off unfortunately, at least until the days that my super-hero cape arrives and I no longer need to sleep.

On the plus side, the scholarship program has been amazing and my dance abilities and learning continue to skyrocket forward. This last week I tried my hand at some ballroom again and transitioning back into that world felt effortless. Who would have thought the secret to being a ballroom dancer would be changing gears completely and training in classical/concert dance for an extended period. Needless to say I’m thrilled at the changes in my movement and understanding of body mechanics, as well as performance and musicality.

The good news is that my free time is easing up and I’m ready to jump back into my blogging life again. I have several shows to report on plus an exciting training development this weekend with one of the best dance couples in the world.

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