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Dis-Illusions II – Donna Sternberg and Dancers – A review

May 17, 2011

Perception, memories, visions of childhood dancing through my head…these are things evoked by Donna Sternberg’s latest production, Dis-Illusions II. The second in a series of related performances, the show played to a sold out crowd at the LALA Space this weekend.  The evening-length piece transitioned through a series of vignettes exploring different types of experiences, as she later noted, many coming directly from the dancers’ personal lives.

Dis-Illusions II - Donna Sternberg & Dancers - Photo © Paul Antic

Poignantly choreographed, the dancers put their hearts into a stirring performance.   As the piece started, I was reminded of neurons firing and how the brain might look while creating and recalling memories.  As the piece progressed, the use of stories became more literal and integrated unusual elements like spoken word and children’s games.  Live music accompanied the piece.  Some portions were amazing; others, like the scratching of pot lids together, could happily be erased from my mind.  Costumes choices were intentional, if somewhat unexpected and designed to challenge the audience’s expectations.  Overall, a thought-provoking piece that bends the concepts of art and science intermingling.  I’m intrigued to see what path Donna Sternberg will explore next.

For more information on Donna Sternberg and Dancers, please visit:

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