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Truths – Regina Klenjoski Dance Company – A review

May 9, 2011

Love, pain, miscommunication…all of these were explored by the Regina Klenjoski Dance Company this weekend at Truths.   A good choreographer evokes audience reactions through their exploration of emotions and themes via dance – and using that barometer, Regina Klenjoski fits the bill with accolades.   Laughter, gasps and applause all filled the Armstrong Theater in Torrance. I found her pieces to be inventive, touching and a fresh breath in contemporary dance.

Emoticons - Regina Klenjoski Dance Company

Of the pieces presented, The Pitch, was by far my favorite.   A humorous duet uniquely intertwining spoken sounds and props, one immediately identifies with the inherent difficulties of when two people speak passed one another in a fevered attempt to make the other person understand.  Hey Lover, Why the Gun?  evoked uncomfortable themes of abusive relationships.  Despite the darker subject, the choreography was intense and the use of the isolated sound of heartbeat at the opening added to the emotional height.  Emoticons, which I saw for the first time at Celebrate Dance, came to life on a smaller stage.  Beautiful partnering and athleticism complemented the motif of communications in an electronic age.   Love Lies Waiting, while brilliantly choreographed, left me wanting more.  I had the highest expectations for this piece based on its previous nomination for a Horton Award.  However, I found the despite the dancers excellent execution it did not touch me emotionally.

Overall it made for a lovely evening of dance and a desire to see more works by Regina Klenjoski to experience all she has to offer the world.

For more information on the Regina Klenjoski Dance Company, please visit

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