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How to get over your fears of social dancing

February 21, 2011

A good friend of mine and fellow dancer recently shared an article with me entitled “Overcoming Some Fears of Social Dancing.” Although this particular article is aimed at the mambo community in the New York area, I have to admit it pretty much applies to any dance community regardless of style or location. It does a great job of talking about the mental challenges associated with feeling intimidated or excluded while attending a dance event. After all, who wants to go out dancing only to spend the whole evening on the sidelines?

I won’t steal the thunder of the article, as the author does an excellent job, but here are a few of the highlights.

  • Most people dance with people who are at their same level and that they already know. Getting to know them and improving your skills is the best way to get more dancing in.
  • Most people only watch the really good dancers. Anything less than that, and you are not on the radar screen.
  • You can choose to be intimidated or to be inspired to get out there and dance.
  • Learn where to stand on the dance floor to increase your odds of dancing.
  • Keep dancing and don’t give up.

Original Article: “Overcoming Some Fears of Social Dancing”

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