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LA Unbound for the holidays

January 17, 2011

Last month I took part in LA Unbound’s first ever holiday show. Compared with the main events they host each year, this was a small, intimate affair. But for its size, it was brimming with excitement and fun. Ten dance numbers were flanked by musicians, comedy and rounds of food and drinks that kept everyone in the spirit.

For this particular show, I was in a Charlie Brown-themed, musical theater piece. My first foray into the musical theater style of dance, it felt more like playtime with energetic and bouncy choreography and childhood-inspired skipping, hand clapping and handstands. The infectious enthusiasm of the choreographer, Tino, combined with a fantastic group of dancers lent to rehearsals filled with laughter and good cheer.

la unbound - charlie brown

All in all another satisfying and rewarding experience being a part of the LA Unbound cast. I’m looking forward to the next show and finally debuting my visions as a choreographer.

And on a very belated note, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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