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Learnings from OC Dance Camp 2010

January 10, 2011

Between Christmas and New Years I had the pleasure of attending my third OC Dance Camp. This small, local dance camp is the one I return to again and again because of the quality instructors and instruction, fantastic organizer and the warm, fun people who attend. The camp is intensive, with more than 30 hours of class time squeezed into 5 days. While exhausting to the feet and often the brain, it pushes you to absorb information even when you think you cannot.


This particular time around some of my top learning include:

  1. Finite differences between International Latin and American Rhythm, specifically around hip action
  2. Twisting actions of the upper body that make fast, sharp turns easier
  3. Rhythms in samba through the chest that percolate in an effortless way to the hips
  4. Body rotations in Argentine Tango

And my all time favorite bit of advice: Aim your cheekbones to just above the audience. It keeps you head up and your back tall.

As is usual, I made some new friends and reconnected with old ones that I see each year at the camp. The choreography bits were just the right amount of challenge and fun. With my renewed commitment to dancing, this event was a great kickstart aligning my mind, body and spirit towards dance in the new year.

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