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Commitment to dance

January 3, 2011

The past many months of my life all seem to revolve around this word. Commitment to work, commitment to family, commitment to dance, commitment to goals and dreams… What started as an uptick in my business load in the early summer, mushroomed into a several month flurry of competing time commitments (something like the juggling of a few too many balls and not being sure you can catch them all on the way down).

The kicker came when I was on a business trip out of the country, already working long hours and dealing with my grandfather in ICU, I received a call saying that another family member had gone into the hospital and was now in a coma. Two people I loved, whose lives hung tenuously by a thread, while trying to keep on top of work, dance and my own life. It’s moments like those that make you really think about what is important in life and how you want to spend every moment and day.

I made a decision, one I don’t regret, but nonetheless tore at my heartstrings – to put my dancing, my blogging and my passion aside while I focused on being with my family and tending to clients. It meant putting aside the choreography I had been working on and dreamed of performing, my competitive partnership and even training. It gave me the freedom to be with my family when my grandfather passed from this life to the next. It gave me the time and energy to dive headlong into projects and the drive to revamp aspects of my business. But most important of all, it made me realize that I wanted to dance that much more.

In the tradition of setting goals and intentions for the new year, 2011 is going to be all about my commitment to dance. With my focus no longer pulled away by other priorities, I’m looking to create opportunities for myself, immerse myself each day into the world of movement and finally carve the path that has been so elusive.

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