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Blackpool 2009 – Dancesport at its best

May 22, 2009

Blackpool Festival is the world’s most prestigious competition in the ballroom or dancesport, as it is often referred to by those involved. It takes place in the resort town of Blackpool, England, in a storied ballroom.  I have not yet had the good fortune to attend, but I have heard many a tale.  Unlike the world championships, which are considered in my sport worlds as the highest achievement, Blackpool actually trumps that competition.  The reason being is that in the world championships only two representatives from each country can compete.  However, at Blackpool, anyone may enter.  So rather than wading your way through 4 or 5 rounds, there are literally hundreds of competitors in each category that one must beat to get to the top.  Simply put, the competition is much steeper and the corresponding laurels of advancing all the way through are higher.

Winners are crowned by event.  There are no multi-event rounds like there are at standard ballroom competitions.   That means each dance must be won individually, rather than winning based on the average of your results over five dances.  That also adds to the difficulty, as winning all the dances requires you to be the best at all, not just in the couples’ strongest dances.

This year’s competition runs from 21 May through 29 May.  You can view details about results, view photos and read the latest happenings at

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