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The courage to step up

May 3, 2009

Over the years I have lost track of how many people I have met who smile when I mention that I dance, and say “I’d love to dance, but I can’t.”  I think that is hands down the most common fallacy I hear and it sometimes saddens me to think of just how many people never give themselves the chance.   I’ve met 5 year old dancers and people in their 80s, tall, short, thin, fat; I’ve even seen people in wheelchairs dance.   If anything, I am often heartened to see just how wide a range of people dance.  People who move their bodies to the music, carefree and independent of what others might consider obstacles.

One of the most inspiring people I ever saw dance was a women who used to be active in the competitive ballroom world years back.  She was a large woman, tall and likely weighing over 300 lbs.   Yet her movement on the floor was light and effortless.  She never had anything short of the broadest of smiles on her face. Sometimes I would wait for her event, even when I was done for the day, just to watch her float across the floor and be reminded of the stereotypes she overcame in doing so.

The excuses we make for not pursuing what we long to do apply to more than just dance.  Whether it is fear of failure, embarrassment or simple lack of confidence, we stop ourselves short of chasing our dreams.  So, if you have ever considered dancing, don’t listen to the naysayers in your brain or out in the world.  To not dance is to deprive yourself of a slice of pure joy.   Every mountain and every mole hill conquered gives you more confidence to step up and engage life more fully.

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